About Cole

As a professional graphic artist, my craft is to combine function and form. I have a passion for creating contemporary solutions that aesthetically connect with each viewer and leave them wanting more. Whether you are a freelance client or a collector of fine art, I will adamantly work with you as your creative partner and engage those you choose to inspire.


Eastern Illinois University   Charleston, IL

Bachelor of Arts – Graphic Design

My natural fascination with technology and love of the arts guided me from a business degree to one in graphic design. It was at Eastern Illinois University that I studied under such professors as: Mary Leonard-Cravens, Chuck Nivens, Jenny Chi, and Chris Kahler. It was here that my foundation of typography, branding, logo design, color theory, layout and creative principles were formed.


Florence Academy of Art    Florence, Italy

Summer 2005 – Figure Painting

In the summer of 2005 I backpacked alone from Dublin to Florence. I was gone for a little over two months total, but managed to travel about the greater part of Western Europe. Living in Florence through the summer and studying at The Florence Academy of Art was a memorable life experience that still resonates in my work.


Feel free to view a PDF of my resume for additional information. If you still have questions or just want to chat, shoot me an email. I should get back to you fairly quickly.