12 Bars of Charity


Started in 2012, 12 Bars of Charity originated in St. Louis, MO and has grown to include other major cities like: Dallas, Austin, Denver, Kansas City, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Louisville and now Charlotte. Raising over $350,000 for charity is no small feat and the coordinated marketing effort reflects that. Combining multiple avenues of advertising like: social media, print, and TV, attendees are directed to www.12barsofcharity.com where tickets are sold.


Main Event Poster

This is an example of the main event poster I designed for 12 Bars of Charity: St. Louis. Created using Illustrator & Photoshop, I was also responsible for all of the event branding and website design/development.


Event Info Handout

This is an example of an informative event handout we did in the summer of 2016. Created using Illustrator & In-Design, it helps local bar owners understand the concept and scope of the 12 Bars of Charity event.

Social Media Ad

This is an example of a social media boost we did in the winter of 2016 for 12 Bars of Charity. Created in Illustrator, it was a reminder to utilize the hero challenge sheet for a group discount.